It is most likely to happen that you receive a hue of your shoes that does not match your selection while ordered online. The problem isn’t with the color of the shoes but of the odds of the photographer who didn’t use a color chart while shooting the product. Beginning from interior designing to fashion works, every aspect have the vital factor affecting every occasion i.e. color matching or contrast. More than 90% of consumers consider color as the main attribute of purchasing items. Thus, color plays a significant role when it comes to color matching in photography.

Keep up with the shooting item

For product photographers, it is essential to bring life to the raw item image they are shooting. For instance, you are hired to shoot for women’s lehenga and you need to keep pace with the actual color using the right color chart and submit to the client. The keen eyes of our product photographers in Kolkata in addition to the proper color matching embellish the true color to the product image.

White balance and color match

While keeping up with the shooting item’s true color, a proper representation can be maintained with white balance and backdrop. This serves as a well-strategy to put true colors unto product shots. A combination of retouching and post-production checks bridges the even minor gap between the product and its image. Having your shading outline in your first edge you can get the shading you need by first choosing your white equilibrium and afterwards the rest of the pictures will take action accordingly.

Keeping camera profiles under distinct prospects

Different camera profiles can be set to go in preset for the color chart has always been a factor to product photography. Different angles, setting up of lens plays a major role while trying to get your subjects to match the proper tone. At times, studio lighting and lens differentiation can put warmth or coolness to photography. It is up to the professional photographers who bring along the color chart incoherent with it to work well.

Setting the camera and angles as per outdoor and indoor situations are the crucial aspects of product photography along with a decent backdrop. The lucid combination of the product color with the backdrop should be worked in a way to represent the actual color of the product.


The product photographers in Kolkata are experienced enough to deliver images that represent the actual product hue and subject. This, in turn, assures clients and reassure consumers who select them choosing the exact color they desire. The entire e-commerce genre revolves around product photography and all business marketers want such seasoned technical team to handle their photography subjects and post-production.